A terrible expression we often hear after someone has bought a dud piano is: "I thought it probably just needed tuning...!" when nothing could be further from the truth. In fact for many customers buying a piano can feel like navigating a minefield - why? For one thing, a piano consists of thousands of complex moving parts

working in perfect geometric sync

with one another - and all sitting under

20 tons of pressure...! Without having

a trained, experienced eye there's a

lot that could wrong.

And does.

So with all that in mind, where does

that leave you? Let's begin at the

beginning - you’re looking to buy a

piano. Hopefully you’re going find a

piano that is: Affordable, reliable, structurally sound (ie. does NOT have any cracks in the tuning-block, the frame or the bridges), properly serviced and won’t impede the progress of your budding or experienced pianist.

Hopefully the piano you find is going to be a good, solid “investment” from the start ie. Trouble-free and for the long term. Sounding too good to be true? Usually that's because it is.

So that's where we come in - what we do:

  1. We vet our pianos very carefully and only sell good quality, structurally sound, modern 2nd hand pianos.

  2. We include a warranty, delivery (*terms apply) and one free onsite tuning after delivery.

  3. We offer a 14 day money back guarantee through Ebay.

  4. We do not sell new pianos.

  5. Neither do we sell old, tired pianos with a high "mileage" and that are already way, way beyond their sell-by date.

  6. We are a small business, we sell 3- 4 pianos a month. We rely on word of mouth.

  7. We supply: Good quality pianos and at lower than regular retail prices...!

We keep our overheads low. We retail from a self-storage unit. Appointments for viewing our pianos are easy - CONTACT US HERE.


*Delivery is included FREE to a ground floor within the M25 and 25 miles outside of the M25

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